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Kahani Paradise in Gokarna Beach

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Nestled to the south of Gokarna, along the picturesque coastline where the cliffs of the Western Ghats plunge into the Arabian Ocean, lies an unexplored expanse of beach and jungle and India’s only true luxury villa, Kahani Paradise.
Perched atop the hills and affording 360º views of the contrasts of sea and forest-scapes, Kahani Paradise offers a world of quiet indulgence amidst nature. A flight from Mumbai to Goa, followed by a winding drive down the coastal highway to Gokarna town, will bring you to this remarkable villa on 20 acres of gorgeous gardens, forests and rolling farmland, which is available to book either as a whole (some of us can only dream) or room by room.
The property includes a main villa, three outbuildings set amongst a magnificent garden of palms and tropical flowers, a spa and an infinity pool. There are six suites, with each suite designed to provide spectacular views of the ocean and the antique handcrafted doors and wooden high ceilings compliment the tastefully designed interiors, which are fitted with authentically Indian furniture and customised textile tapestries and rugs.
Dining is taken in the only restaurant, drawing on ingredients from Kahani’s garden or nearby organic market and the experiences include walks to the local beaches, nature walks in the forest, relaxing on your terrace, setting off with local fisherman in boats, visiting the markets or having drinks in secluded hot spots.
Kahani Paradise is a true hidden gem and one of India’s most spell-binding secrets. The remote location and stunning views overlooking the Arabian Sea, makes it a really unique holiday location.
Source: Kahani Paradise
Photography: Ana Lui Photography

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